Rain Water Collection

RainWater Collection Systems – Austin, Texas

RainWater Harvesting System – Austin, TX

Rain Barrel - Austin, TexasWith a rain collection system, there is no need to put your gardening or landscaping plans on hold.

For every inch of rain that falls hundreds to thousands of gallons of water flow from your downspouts. That water easily can be retained for use in your garden, flower beds, on the lawn or in the pool.

Installed under a downspout, A rain barrel can be used several ways:

  • to fill watering cans or buckets
  • to water beds or lawns with a soaker hose
  • to water individual plantings with a custom-designed drip hose

250 gallon rain barrel - austin, txEvery collection barrel and tank should have a screened top which keeps mosquitoes, animals, leaves and debris out of your water. Most models have faucets on the front near the bottom so you can easily hook up a garden hose.

Most people are truly amazed at how quickly their barrels fill. A 60 gallon barrel on most downspouts will refill from only a half-inch of rain or less. To figure how much water pours off of your roof from one inch of rain, simply measure the “footprint” of your house in square feet and multiply that number by .6. Even the 1000 square foot roof of a small home can provide 600 gallons of free water from one inch of rain. You can collect the excess rain with multiple barrels or small tanks.

With an assessment of your home, we can determine which downspouts will provide the most water and which locations would be ideal for collecting and distributing the water.

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